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Friday, May 28, 2010


Wind Turbines

The use of wind turbines can be a great way to provide a source of clean and renewable energy for your home or business. There are a number of small wind energy devices that you can use to generate power, and most of these are very cost effective in providing a substantial level of electricity.

Many people in the U.K are investing in wind energy technologies in addition or as an alternative to solar power. Wind energy is also a key ingredient for the United Kingdoms future energy growth, and the plan to reduce carbon emissions.

If you are concerned about the environment and would like to make a difference, then the use of a home wind turbine is a very good place to start.

A farm of wind turbines producing  electricity.Depending on your location, you can implement an efficient renewable energy system using a combination of both wind power, and solar power.

Solar panels can be much more effective than a regular home wind turbine, yet both devices offer an easy method of generating renewable electricity in a wide variety of locations.

We do suggest that if you plan to install a renewable energy system yourself, that you hire a professional electrician to assist you during the process.

Solar Panel

This area is dedicated in providing company profiles of solar panel suppliers.

Below, you will find different profiles of solar energy orientated companies who are currently offering services which may be of use to you.

If you would like your company to be included in this list then please feel free to suggest your company for inclusion. See the base of this page for more information.

Solar Panels

Using solar panels is a great way to generate clean and renewable electricity to power remote appliances, or even the average home.

There are two main forms of solar cells in existence today, and these are; "solar electricity panels" and "solar hot water panels". The two different technologies allow us to either generate electricity for our homes or to heat the water we use.

As time goes by, we begin to see new and more efficient solar panel designs. This is making the use of photovoltaic power over fossil fuels, much more viable to homeowners and businesses.

Solar Panels - Roof MountedIt is unlikely we will see heavy industry using photovoltaic electricity for quite some time due to the much larger energy demand industry requires, but who knows where photovoltaic electricity will take us in future years.

As the technologies surrounding the use of photovoltaics improve, we are likely to see a much greater, widespread use of solar cells.

Solar Electricity Panels

Solar (or photovoltaic) cells, are a very useful way of providing electricity to remote areas (as mentioned earlier), where the use of electricity may be important, yet the laying of high voltage cable may not be viable. The best example of the importance of solar energy to provide electricity in remote locations can be found on satellites. For many years, satellites have been using solar panels to catch the suns rays, in order to provide power to the equipment on board.

Solar Electricity Panel

Photovoltaic cells can be aligned as an array, as shown in the image to the top of this page. There are many advantages of using a solar cell array, with various panels fitted along a mounting system. One of the main advantages is that we are able to combine various numbers of cells to provide a greater output of electricity, and this method makes solar electricity a viable option to power small homes and businesses.

The increasing efficiency of solar energy technologies, means we are able to purchase and install panels, knowing we are likely to receive an efficient way of harnessing energy from the suns rays to turn into electricity for use in our homes.

It is quite possible for a household to run completely off photovoltaic electricity from the use of solar panels, yet this is unlikely in most cases. The costs involved with supplying a whole house with electricity from solar energy would be quite high for the average homeowner. However, the use of solar electricity in the average home is still able to provide a substantial amount of electricity, reducing future energy bills.

Solar Hot Water Panels

Solar Panels - Providing Hot WaterThe use of solar panels to heat water is becoming increasingly popular around the world due to the energy and money saving associated with this method.

A good solar hot water panel system is able to provide an average household with around a third of its annual hot water supply. While this may not sound much, it can reduce energy costs by a considerable amount.

Now imagine if you could combine not only a solar panel hot water heating system, but also an average solar electricity system. This would save a heap on energy and electricity bills.

The combination of a solar hot water panel with other renewable energy technologies, such as solar panels, or a home wind turbine can work quite well together in providing a source of cheap, clean, and renewable energy for our homes.

Integration is key for the success of a solar electricity system, so be sure to consult an expert in this field when planning installation.

Additional Information On Solar Energy

Solar energy is vital to support life on earth, it helps to grow our food, light our days, influence weather patterns, provide heat, and can be used to generate solar electricity.

Solar electricity relies upon man-made devices such as solar panels or solar cells in order to provide a source of clean, and low cost renewable energy.

Solar  Energy Information & DefinitionWe have used energy from the sun to provide electricity for many years, in the form of solar cell calculators and other small, low energy consuming devices.

As solar energy technologies become more advanced, we are able to exploit the energy we receive from the sun to provide a greater, significant amount of our electricity or even hot water (when using solar hot water panels).

The solar energy definition above mentions how energy from the sun is transported to earth through the form of solar radiation. Photons contained in this solar radiation makes the generation of electricity from the suns rays possible.

Solar energy is also partly responsible for wind energy, as wind patterns are greatly influenced by the sun. Also, the sun is responsible for heating the ground beneath our feet to a significant degree to support the use of geothermal, ground source heat pumps.

Without the existence of solar energy, human life could not be supported on planet earth due to many different factors.

If you would like to view articles covering the different topics of solar energy, our articles section contains many solar energy articles.

U-TUBE huber suhner

Thursday, May 27, 2010


HUBER+SUHNER - Railway Antennas and Cable Systems

The HUBER+SUHNER Group is a leading international manufacturer of electrical and optical interconnectivity components and systems. Our main markets are communication, transport and industry. Under one single roof, we combine technological capabilities in the three core fields of radio frequency, fiber optics and low frequency.

HUBER+SUHNER’s vast expertise and experience in the global railway market, along with our qualified employees enables us to undertake highly complex projects across the boundaries of individual disciplines. HUBER+SUHNER's railway cable systems unit is prepared to take on any challenge – whether geographical or technical, HUBER+SUHNER has the global footprint and local personnel to support and solve your business challenges.

Roof-top antennas

Wireless communication is of key interest for modern train operators. Security applications and train control, and also mobile communication and internet-on-train, are important applications where antennas are a main part of the solution.

HUBER+SUHNER provides roof-top antennas, as well as products for in-carriage, carriage-bridging and trackside applications.

We provide complete RF solutions, including filter products and customized cable assemblies. Our engineers give application support and provide certain engineering services (i.e. antenna positioning).

Complete carriage transitions

HUBER+SUHNER supplies complete carriage transitions including designs that combine low frequency, fiber optics and radio frequency technologies. Cables or hybrid cable solutions, preassembled units, EMC-optimised solutions and cable systems designed to withstand high dynamic stressing convince our demanding customers and prove their worth in heavy-duty applications.

Cable systems for bogies

Applications with increased requirements in the field of bogies have used our innovative cable and cable system solutions for years.

Carriage cabling systems

From cable assemblies to complex cable harnesses incorporating power, signal and communication lines, we supply everything from a single source. Optimised and certified processes ensure smooth project flows from development, sourcing and prototyping to volume production.

Railcar and locomotive cabling

Our railcar and locomotive cabling is developed on the basis of 'build to print', or together with our customers, satisfy customer requirements the world over.

Cabling of control and safety systems

HUBER+SUHNER will take charge of complete implementation of cabling of control and safety systems, from procurement to the ready-to connect and tested assembled units.

Switchgear cabinets

Customised, rail-worthy switchgear and distribution cabinets complete our product portfolio.

Railway cable systems

The railway cable systems unit of HUBER+SUHNER operates a unique global network provided with state-of-the-art production and assembly shops as well as a customer-oriented sales organisation. Our subsidiaries and sales bases guarantee local presence.

Unique and distinguished product capabilities: cables, antennas and connectors

Unique capabilities in three technologies are combined in a single contact partner: HUBER+SUHNER.

Low frequency:

  • RADOX® control and power cables
  • RADOX databus cables
  • RADOX JUMPER cables

Radio frequency:

  • SENCITY® rail antennas for railways, underground and urban railways
  • SENCITY avant antennas for tramways and buses
  • Trackside antennas
  • Fire-resistant in-carriage antennas
  • Coaxial cables

Fiber optics:

  • Fiber optic connectors
  • Quick Assembly™ local cable termination boxes

Railway cable systems engineering

The engineering teams of HUBER+SUHNER are made up of highly experienced specialists who have direct access to the comprehensive know-how of the Group.

The railway cable systems unit develops solutions focused on specific customer needs which ensure a high level of safety and functionality. Its uncompromising claim to delivering integral solutions is confirmed time and again by its competence in project management, system engineering, prototyping and volume production. This holds true for national and international projects alike.

RADOX railway cables

In the field of cables, we permanently refine existing products already excellently positioned in the marketplace such as RADOX railway cables. At the same time, we forge ahead with the development of successful new product families.

Our extensive, worldwide group capabilities benefit all segments of the railway market: from underground and tramways to locomotives for urban and high-speed long-distance trains.

Global cable systems expertise

Sharp growth rates demonstrate impressively that the market acknowledges HUBER+SUHNER’s technological leadership. This is borne out by the fact that renowned market leaders around the world trust the services of HUBER+SUHNER.

As our partner and customer, you will benefit from:

  • Our unique global production and distribution network
  • Our unique product capabilities in the areas of low frequency, radio frequency and fiber optics
  • Our global project management skills
Info  Icon Contact Details
CH-9100 Herisau
Tel: +41 71 353 41 11
Fax: +41 71 353 44 44


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