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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Showing Your Serious Love

When cupid hits you then that’s the end of your playful and non-serious relationships. Most of young people nowadays treat love as a joke. They like to play around with different partners because most of the times, they are afraid of serious commitment. However, everything will surely change once you meet the person that will make your heart skip a beat, will make you feel like they are the only person in the universe that you want to be with, in short when you meet the love of your life. This is definitely an amazing feeling but often, people feel scared or terrified to lose that special person. With this, all you have to do is make some action to let your partner know that you are truly serious in your relationship and your love. Here are some ways that you could do to show that serious side of you:

1. Give your partner a promise ring – a promise ring may not be as serious as engagement ring but this is enough to show your partner that you are serious and committed in the relationship. You should find the perfect promise ring for the both of you that will symbolize that special bond, special love that you share with each other. Once you find the suitable promise ring, invite your partner in a special dinner or trip then give the ring with no less than your promise. Tell him or her all the things that you are willing to do as long as you are in the relationship. This will definitely make your partner secure and sure that you really love him or her.
2. Say it and mean it – sometimes the word “ I love you” becomes too common to people in a relationship or there are some cases wherein a person is just too intimidated to utter these words despite the fact that he or she really loves his/her partner. Well, in whatever case you may have, you must make sure to utter the words and mean it. Say it with all your heart. Do not just tell the words for the sake of saying it. Sometimes, you need to express your love for the person in words and actions at the same time so he or she knows how he/she means to you. Do not assume that since you are in a relationship for more than a year that you no longer need to express your love. Sometimes, love also fades so do not let this happen by taking your partner for granted thinking everything is in its place already. Go out of your way and say your feelings for her every now and then.
3. Marry her – what’s the best way to show that you are serious? Of course by asking your girlfriend to marry you. Every girl dreams of the perfect wedding day so you will surely fulfil this dream once you feel that you are ready to take your relationship into another level. Make sure to prepare a heart-warming and sincerest proposal too.

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