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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Love work at HUBER SUHNER

I work full-time but I have a very flexible work schedule, including the ability to work remotely. I have the World's Best Boss and the ability to have this arrangement is worth so much to me...huhuhu

My workplace and boss have been very flexible. I have Fridays off so have a day to myself to solat jumaat , Just having a precious few hours of discretionary time makes the rest of the hectic week a bit more tolerable. That said, I'm also very flexible if something comes up at work and I need to switch a day or cover for something. To me,it's fairness on both sides.

No matter current position, every once in awhile, it's time to assess whether the career you have created is the best career for you. Recognizing that there are certain economic and social realities, think about where you'd really like to spend the time of your life. These steps will help you explore and find work you really love.

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